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Who are they?

Purple Sucker is a Deep Purple Cover Band, located in Florence, Italy, and they play exclusively Deep Purple's songs. 

Purple Sucker founded in 18th November 1999 (their first rehearsal), and since then they played in many places in Tuscany and in other places in Italy.

Purple Sucker are:

Jacopo Meille - lead vocals He's the singer of the rock band Mantra, http://www.mantrarock.com and of Tygers of Pan Tang, http://www.tygers.co.uk.  He's the singer of the Led Zeppelin cover band, Norge, http://www.norgezeppelin.it. He also sings in Glass Onion band, and sings and plays guitar in the acoustic band Mad Mice. and sings in the Eagles cover band Kings of Hollywood. Jacopo Meille
Lorenzo Bettini - guitars He used to play in Spitfire (a rock cover band) and then in Aliseo Rock Band, an Italian rock band playing original songs. He's guitarist of Kaspar Hauser musical company, http://www.kasparhauser.it. He also plays in the acoustic band Mad Mice. in the Eagles cover band Kings of Hollywood and in the Abba cover band Super Trouper.

Home page: http://www.lorenzobettini.it
Lorenzo Bettini
Alessio "Alex Boom" Olmastroni - drums He's been playing for many years, many different music genres. He's also playing in Macleod, cover band. He played for 3 years in Rockin' Sound Machine (they also appeared at Arezzo Wave and on Video Music).  Alex Boom
Pierluigi "SpeedFinger" Pozzi - bass guitar & background vocals He played in Chapter 24 (cover band playing Pink Floyd, Cure, Cult, ...), Champagne (70's disco cover band), Wandersen (Pink Floyd and Marillion cover band), and Fuorirotta (70's cover band). He also played in Macleod. Currently he's also playing with the acoustic band Mad Mice, in the Eagles cover band Kings of Hollywood, and in the Abba cover band Super Trouper. Pierluigi Pozzi
Dario Scovacricchi - organ  A young organ player. After few years of classic and modern piano he discovers the hammond organ thanks to Deep Purple. He's studying jazz organ with Maurizio Spampani and he plays with rock, gospel and jazz bands.   Dario Scovacricchi

Purple Sucker
16 August 2006 - Arena della Musica, Parco Fluviale, Lucca
Purple Sucker, Area della Musica, Lucca, Agosto 2006
9 September 2006 - Monsters of Tributes, stadio di Vacchereccia (Cavriglia - AR)
Monsters of Tributes 2006


Next Concerts

Ian Paice's Clinic in Florence!!!


These are the songs we are already performing (other songs will be added in the future):

Image Galleries

Here are some photos taken from recent concerts. Please notice that the quality of the photos may be low sometimes:


On our YouTube section, http://www.youtube.com/purplesucker, you can see some of our live videos.


Here are some mp3 audio files taken from some of our concerts. Please notice that the quality of the recordings may be low sometimes:


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